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George Müller

“George and his wife, Mary, open the first orphanages supported entirely by prayer, and God miraculously provides for their every need.” —

George Müller was born 214 years ago today on September 27, 1805. He was not a well-behaved child. He started stealing money before he was even 10 years old, and his continuous sinful behavior landed him in prison as a youth.

After hearing the Word of God at a Christian meeting, George repented of his sins, turned away from friends who were bad influences, and began to follow Christ. Later, he married Mary Groves, a young woman who also wanted to serve the Lord.

In service to God, the Müllers opened orphanages, and over the years, they helped thousands of children. George is especially known for never asking anyone for money for his ministry. Instead, he took his needs to the Lord in prayer. But the Müllers and the orphans never lacked their daily needs, even when their problems seemed impossible to overcome.

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