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Sudan: More Work to Be Done

Orphans singing at Morris and Cabina’s home

Pastor Morris and his wife, Cabina, live in a four-room home in Sudan with no indoor plumbing, no electricity and no cell phone service. The area where they live has been bombed many times by Sudanese government soldiers who want to remove all Christians and non-Arabs from the region. Morris and Cabina take care of orphans who have lost their parents in the fighting.

Morris is also the pastor of a church. And he helps VOM help distribute Bibles and Christian materials; provide medicines for sick people; and give blankets, clothing, and food to Christians who have been driven from their homes by the attacks.

So Morris and Cabina host an average of at least two dozen people in their simple home every day. Cabina not only cooks and cleans for their daily house guests, she and other women feed and make clothing for the orphans. “[There is no one to] care for them, she said.

Morris and Cabina know that life is easier and safer in other parts of the world, but they are committed to serving Christ where He placed them. During a trip to the U.S., a fellow traveler asked Morris why he planned to return to Sudan. “Why don’t you stay in America?” the man asked. “How can I stay in a comfortable place while my people are dying?” Morris replied. “I will go back to my people.”

Determined to continue their work, Morris and Cabina ask for prayer. “It is not by power and might but by the Spirit of God through your prayers” that the work is done, Morris said. And Cabina asks for prayer that God will help her love everyone who comes to her home, as some visitors can be difficult.

Living in a place where many have been killed in bombings is a special calling, and Morris and Cabina embrace it together. “To be a Christian doesn’t mean just to have a good and easy life,” Morris said. “It means maybe you live in the hard times. There is a lot still to be done.”



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