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Ethiopia: After the Attack

In some parts of Ethiopia, Muslims hold their nose when a Christian passes by. Even a Muslim police officer in one town called Christianity a “stinky religion.”

But, praise God, Christianity is spreading in some Muslim towns in Ethiopia! In recent years, angry Muslims in these areas have attacked Christians to try to keep the good news of Jesus from reaching more people. More than 200 homes and churches, and a Christian school, have been attacked. The Christians’ possessions, crops, and animals were destroyed.

“The most amazing part of the story is what happened because of these attacks,” said a worker from The Voice of the Martyrs who visited one of the towns where Christians’ homes were ruined. “Church members gathered around every house that was being rebuilt and sang songs of praise to the Lord.”

The worker continued, “They purposely painted all the rebuilt houses bright pink. One church leader said they painted them pink so ‘we would serve as a light in the community and a testament to the power of the Lord.’”

Muslims who saw the attitude of the Christians began to approach the Christians to ask how they could become followers of Christ! Churches in the area grew. At one church, there is now standing room only on Sunday mornings, and many more people listen from outside the building. Before the attack, the church had about 300 members. Now it has 600.

“The Muslims thought we were weak,” said one Christian. “But now they see that we are strong and have a great God.”

“We see that God has done great things for us,” said another Christian. “Before, we might have been afraid to tell others about Jesus, but now we are not afraid to share. We run with the gospel.”

To Talk About
*How would you react if someone said you follow “a stinky religion?”

*Why did the Christians paint their houses bright pink?

*Why did some of the Muslims ask how they could become followers of Christ?

*Think of a situation where your response or attitude could lead someone to want to know more about following Jesus.



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