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Bun and Lao

(The story below comes from Stef, the children’s publication of SDOK, a ministry that is part of The Voice of the Martyrs’ family of missions. SDOK is in the Netherlands. Lao, who is not a Christian, tells the story.)

Hi, I’m Lao. My name is similar to the name of my country, Laos. My neighbor’s name is Bun. I think she is super nice. Recently her stepmother asked me if I had seen Bun. I knew Bun had gone to church with someone. But her stepmother looked so angry that I didn’t dare say anything.

A little later I heard noise at their house. I saw the stepmother pulling Bun’s hair. “Where were you?” she yelled. “I couldn’t find you anywhere!”

“I went to church,” Bun said nervously. Bun recently told me that she knows the Lord Jesus and that she follows Him. And also that her family is not happy with it.

Then her father also began to attack her. “Do you know what others think about Christians?” he shouted. He slapped her. He started to kick her, but her brothers and sisters jumped in between him and Bun.

Go Away!
The last time I saw Bun was when I heard noise in the cabin again. I peeked inside and saw Bun’s father throw all kinds of clothes in a suitcase. He told Bun to go away. He looked really angry. Thankfully, someone came from Bun’s church and helped her leave. That’s the last time I saw her.

Bible School
I have heard that the people of her church took care of Bun and that she was attending a Bible school. I’m quite curious about that. If Bun loves the Lord Jesus so much, then I think He must be very special.

To Talk About
Lao is not a Christian. What did he say that shows that he might be thinking about following Jesus? What led him to wonder more about Jesus and His teachings?



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