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A Secret Bible

Jesus commanded His followers: “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” He knew that it wouldn’t always be easy to spread the teachings to every country, and He knew it would be illegal to get Bibles into hostile areas. (Read “Comparing Ideas About Bible Smuggling” here.)

Peter and Ruth share God’s Word with people in nations where their message is often not appreciated. “When I was in my teens,” Ruth shared on VOM Radio, “my family started getting The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. I remember …seeing the stories of different Christians all over the world. It started getting me to think outside just my own world.”

Today, she and her husband, Peter, know that sometimes Christians in other countries are imprisoned and attacked for distributing Bibles. They have heard about how VOM spreads the Good News of Jesus through radio broadcasts, Bibles inside balloons, and smuggled Bibles.

But Peter and Ruth share the Bible in hostile countries in a different way.

*They don’t smuggle Bibles inside heavy boxes or suitcases.
*They provide Bible stories to those who can read and those who can’t.
*They can share Bible stories in any language, even languages that don’t have Bible translations on paper.
*No one can steal or burn their Bibles.
*Their Bibles don’t show up on an airport X-ray machine.
*Police who don’t like Christians can’t find Peter and Ruth’s Bibles.
*Young children and elderly people can help them multiply the number of people who learn about Jesus.
*They don’t need an electronic device on which to play and hear their Bibles.

Can you guess how Peter and Ruth get the stories of Jesus into hard-to-reach places? The next post will answer that question and tell you how you can share Bible stories in the same way as Peter and Ruth.
(Source: VOM Radio. Edited for length.)


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