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Louder than Words

“The purpose of our mission trips is to get away from the normal distractions of life,” said Sue Brown. She and her husband, Dave, lead Louder than Words, a discipleship ministry for teens. On their trips, the group serves others, hosts workshops and Bible studies, and presents the gospel through mime and drama. They leave behind their computers, cell phones, and TVs for the four-week trip. Their only luggage is a backpack and one small duffel bag.

The Louder than Words team recently spent a week at The Voice of the Martyrs headquarters, volunteering in the Operations Center, attending chapel, and presenting meaningful messages through mime. Other parts of their trip have included presentations in front of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C., and service projects at churches, a Christian camp, and a food bank.


The Louder than Words kids have no plans to stop serving others when they leave the group. Some would like to work in the medical field as a paramedic or EMT; others are considering a career as a teacher, musician/songwriter, child care worker, or restaurant owner. And some hope to continue participating in mime and drama.

In the meantime, they are learning to be uncomfortable. “Choosing to use their time to study the Bible, to serve willingly and even happily, and to step into the public or their peers to present the gospel is very counter-cultural,” their leaders wrote. “Jesus and His disciples were just like that! They chose to be uncomfortable in this world as they encouraged others to be heavenly and eternally minded.”


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