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Fighting Christianity

Churches in parts of China are growing. Some families in rural areas don’t earn enough money to meet their daily needs. They are learning to rely on God to help and guide them through hard times.

But China’s government has been cracking down on Christianity and churches. (Learn more here and here.)

Now government officials are putting up billboards to try to convince people to abandon their faith in God. One billboard says, “”If you go to church every day to learn about the Lord, God still cannot relieve your hardships. Follow the Party and don’t believe in God. The Party can give happiness to all. If your heart is not right, believing in the Lord is useless. Go get more positive energy so that our country will be powerful and families thrive.” (The “Party” means the Communist Party, which rules China.)

To Do
*If you could put up a billboard to teach people that the Chinese government’s message is false, what would it say? Draw a “billboard” with your message on it.
*Read about China in Bold Believers in China, available in the Downloads section.
*Learn about life in Communist countries here.

(Sources: China Aid and VOM Canada)



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