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10 More Facts About the Central African Republic (CAR)

Girl in the CAR

The previous post revealed facts about the Central African Republic. Read below to learn about Christians and followers of other religions in the country.

1. At least half of the people in the CAR consider themselves to be Christians. About 30 percent are truly faithful, active Christians.

2. But many are Christians in name only. They continue to follow the customs of the spirit worshipers around them.

3. Some of the people who falsely call themselves Christians have joined together to form the “anti-Balaka” group. They participate in violent unbiblical revenge attacks against Muslims.

4. Sometimes Christians who share their faith are attacked by Muslim rebels. During one month, five pastors died in such attacks.

5. In some countries, Bibles are illegal. But, praise God, Bibles are for sale in Bangui (the capital), and they can be distributed legally. However, most people are too poor to afford them, and more than 60 percent of adults can’t read.

6. The main languages of the CAR are French and Sango. The Bible is available in both languages. (Source: The Joshua Project)

7. The Voice of the Martyrs provided believers with solar audio Bibles, which the Christians charge in the sun in front of their makeshift shelters. Christians who can’t read, children, and others can learn Scriptures from the audio Bibles.

8. Many Christians are showing love and forgiveness to their Muslim neighbors. They have protected Muslims from attackers who hunt for them. One church leader sheltered 2,000 Muslims in his church for months.

9. The Voice of the Martyrs is serving and encouraging thousands of Christians who were driven out of their homes.

10. Many Christians who fled violent attacks did not even have time to put on shoes or clothes. In one village, the only structures not burned to the ground were two churches with metal roofs. The Christians who fled survived by digging up roots and wild yams to eat. Churches in other communities are providing land for the Christians to live on.

See a video about the tough road traveled to get aid and Bibles to persecuted Christians in remote places.

Visit to learn how you can help displaced Christians.