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Light from Heaven

In the previous post, missionary Dick Brogden talked about bearing fruit by abiding in Jesus. During Dr. Brogdens’ visit to VOM Radio, he also told the story of a man at a mosque who was used by God to bear fruit for His kingdom. (A mosque is a building where Muslims worship.)

Read Dr. Brodgen’s story below.
(Source: VOM Radio. Edited for length and clarity.)

Dr. Brodgen: The destruction in Yemen is greater than in Syria. But it doesn’t get as much media attention. It is a country that is completely devastated. A young man and his wife fled the devastation and went to Sweden.

In Sweden, the couple came to know Jesus. They joined a radio ministry that broadcast gospel messages back into Yemen. Then they went to a conference in Turkey for a few days. After the conference, the man stayed behind in Turkey, hoping to meet other people from Yemen.

He walked through the streets of the city for three days, looking for someone from Yemen to share the gospel with. On the last day of his visit, he was discouraged. “I’ll just go into the mosque,” he thought. It wasn’t the usual time of Muslim prayer, but he took his Bible, walked into the mosque, and sat in the middle of the carpet. [People traditionally sit on the floor at mosques.]

He opened his Bible and began to read it. Nothing happened. So he closed his Bible, stood up, and prepared to leave. But something forced him back to the ground, and he got worried. He couldn’t move. Suddenly a Muslim man ran up to him.

Read the next post to find out what happened after that.



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