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Abiding in Jesus

Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio recently talked with Dick Brogden, the leader of a Christian organization called Live Dead. Dr. Brogden talked about how missionaries start their work by abiding in Jesus.

Dick Brogden: Jesus said very simply, “If you will abide in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit.” [See John 15:1-8.] We rest on His promise that if we do that, He will bring in disciples. He will bring in that “fruit.”

Todd Nettleton: How would you advise an American Christian who says, “I want to do more about abiding”?

Dick Brogden:
[Spiritual Muscles]
Spiritual muscles are very similar to physical muscles. You don’t start bench pressing 400 pounds the first day. I think you set modest goals. You can do that for a while, and then you start to increase.

[Prayer and Bible Reading]
The heart of it needs to be reading the Bible and prayer time. Some people journal, some use coloring books, and some people like listening to music [during their devotion time]. But the heart of it would be read your Bible, pray, and expand that time.

[Starting Out]
So I would say, if you are starting out, read a chapter a day, and pray for five minutes a day. Then increase to two chapters a day and 10 minutes, then three chapters a day and 15 minutes, but avoid legalism. [“Legalism” means placing more importance on your own rules than trusting in God’s gift of salvation through faith in His Son Jesus.]

Most American Christians would not have a problem with the concept of tithing their money. Well our time is a much more important resource than our money, and it is not renewable. Every moment belongs to Jesus, so as a goal, let’s tithe our time.

[Saying Yes and No]
If that’s going to work, something has to go. You can’t watch a lot of TV, or spend a lot of time with social media, or be lazy if you want to tithe your time to Jesus. Some of it is as much about what you say “no” to  as it is what you say “yes” to — what time you go to bed, what time you get up, and what you cut out of your life so you can give that to the Lord.

(Source: VOM Radio. Edited for length and clarity.)

To Think About
What are some steps you can take to abide in Christ?


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