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Prayer During Ramadan

“Today in New York City, there are places where everyone is speaking Yemeni Arabic. They are on their phones talking to people back in Sanaa or Jibla or some other part of Yemen. And about 60,000 Afghan Muslims live in and around Fremont, California,” said David Garrison, an author, former missionary, and leader of an organization called Global Gates. Garrison recently spoke with Todd Nettleton on VOM Radio.

“What is different today is that when people come to America, they are opening up highways of communication. They are staying connected with their families in ways that weren’t possible 20 to 30 years ago,” Garrison continued. “The Internet, global communication, WhatsApp, and Skype — they are talking to their families every day, and when we share the gospel with them here, it is flowing back to the ends of the earth.”

So what is Garrison’s advice for Americans who want to reach into Muslim communities?

“I tell people the beginning of everything is prayer,” he said. “Many people feel threatened by the Muslim world, and that is understandable. I don’t treat people like they are lesser because they have fear. But when you begin praying for people, it changes things.

“Some folks ask me, ‘How can we pray for the Muslim world?’ I tell them that every year, during the month of Ramadan, hundreds of thousands of Christians are praying for Muslims. I also tell people, ‘Just pray for Muhammad.’ We ask God to save Muhammad because about 20 percent of the whole Muslim world is named Muhammad.”

(Source: Edited for length and clarity.)

Facts About Ramadan
This year, Ramadan began on Sunday, May 5, and will end on the evening of Tuesday, June 4 (dates may vary slightly).

Muslim adults and older children are supposed to fast from food and drink during the daylight hours of Ramadan. During Ramadan, some Muslims read the entire Quran, give extra money to charity, and try to avoid saying harsh words. Many Christians pray that the hearts and minds of Muslims will be opened to the truth about Jesus during their Ramadan month of spiritual reflection. Can you pray for Muslims during Ramadan?

Learn more about Ramadan here and in the book Learning About Islam, available for free download here.


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