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Colombia: Prayer Saves a Pastor

“Red zones:” Red zones are areas in Colombia ruled by violent groups who want to control everything that happens in their area.
Guerrillas: Guerrillas are people who carry out acts of war, even though they aren’t part of a regular army.

Violent groups in Colombia know that Christians do not approve of their violence, drug-selling, and kidnapping. So the groups threaten Christians and sometimes drive them from their homes.

Pastor Fabian ministers in a red zone. Though he knows the risks, he continues to lead his congregation in serving and worshiping the Lord. Guerrilla fighters demanded that he stop holding church services, but he ignored them.

One weekday, the pastor knelt in prayer on the church platform in his empty church. He later told workers from The Voice of the Martyrs that he usually sat in the front pew for his prayer time. But that day, he felt led to kneel on the platform. He happened to kneel behind a banner that had been placed at the front of the church for that week’s service.

As he silently prayed, two guerrillas entered the sanctuary with guns and began looking for him. They searched the room, but didn’t see Pastor Fabian behind the banner. The guerrillas cursed their “bad luck.” Finally they left. The pastor was safe — for the time being.

Pastor Fabian could leave and move to a safer place. “I need to stay and serve my people,” he said. “Besides, I’m old and ready to die if it’s my time.”

Read another story and watch a video about pastors that God rescued from danger in a remarkable way here.



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