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Kids Bribed to Become Muslims

Do you know what an evangelist is? Evangelists go from place to place telling people about their faith and encouraging others to believe their preaching.

We usually think of evangelists as people who spread the Good News of Jesus. But non-Christians can also be evangelists.

One day last year, Muslim evangelists arrived at a village in Kenya. The Muslims brought candy and gave it to more than 20 children in the village. In return, the children agreed to follow Islam, the religion of Muslims. The children did not fully understand the Christian faith they were leaving behind or the Muslim faith they accepted in return for candy.

Strength from the Bible
Christian workers wanted to make sure Kenyan children understand God’s free gift of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. The workers led five donkeys loaded with children’s Bibles through forests and across rivers to the area that the Muslims had visited.

The children loved the Bibles. Their parents said the kids had never received anything so valuable from someone they didn’t know. The stories strengthened children whose faith was secure, and they helped other children understand the truths of Christianity. Most of the children who had been bribed with candy renewed their commitment to Christ.

The Voice of the Martyrs believes it is important to provide children with their own Bible — especially children who live in areas where Christians are persecuted. VOM distributes children’s Bibles in nations where children are prime targets for those trying to prevent the spread of Christianity. God’s Word will prepare and strengthen them to stand firm in their faith throughout their lives.

(Source: The April 2019 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter. Edited for length, reading level, and age-appropriateness.)

To Talk About
What can you pray for the children who have not yet returned to Christianity after accepting the Muslims’ candy?



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