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Make a Moroccan Drum

Moroccan Drum

Small Moroccan drums are ceramic and colorfully painted. Some children’s drums are less than six inches tall. You can make a model of a Moroccan child’s drum.

Use two empty 8-ounce yogurt containers, 7.5-ounce margarine containers, or similar containers with plastic lids. (A Pringles can lid will fit on a yogurt container if the container does not have a plastic lid.) Ask an adult to help you cut out the centers of the bottoms of the containers, leaving a narrow rim on the bottom of each one.

Glue the bottoms of the containers together along the remaining rims to create an hourglass-shaped drum. Wrap tape around the glued edges on the outside of the drum to make it stronger.

Cover the outside of the drum with foil gift wrap, colored tissue paper, strips of vinyl tape in various colors, or other colorful materials. Use felt-tip markers to color the entire outside of the lid. Put the lid on the drum. Play the drum with your fingers.