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Nigeria: Lina Learns About the God Who Loves Children

Nigerian Muslim girl

Praise and worship music drifted out of the small thatched Sunday school pavilion outside of a church in Nigeria. Lina, a Muslim girl in the village, couldn’t resist being drawn to the music. She stopped and listened to the beautiful words of the songs.

Soon Lina began joining the group every week. In addition to singing, they told amazing stories of the kindness of Jesus, who loves children.

Lina kept her visits to the church a secret from her Muslim family. But her father discovered her secret, and he hit her. He commanded her never to return to the church.

After Lina disobeyed her father and went back to the church, he moved his whole family to another village where there was no church! Then, to make sure Lina wouldn’t hang around with Christians anymore, the gave her in marriage to a non-Christian man.

Lina was much too young to be married, and she was scared. She often ran away from her husband’s house and went home to her mother. But each time she was returned to her husband.

Finally Lina fled to the church in her old village. Christians helped her settle in a safe house in a city, where she is healing from her ordeal and learning more about Jesus.

(Source: VOM Australia)

Pray for Lina’s safety and for her to grow in her faith. Pray that her family will open their hearts to Jesus.


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