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Tanzania: Kids of Courage Beaten

Four Christian teens in Tanzania recently decided to reject their traditional beliefs and to follow Christ. The boys — Murri, 16; Lilash, 19; Lekutina, 16; and Sairiamu, 17 — belong to the Maasai tribe.

According to Maasai customs, Maasai boys wear long hair at certain stages of their lives. As a symbol of their new Christian faith, the four boys cut their hair. Their behavior offended others in their community. Just days after the teens became Christians, about 20 Maasai warriors attacked them at a Sunday morning church service. The warriors beat the boys with clubs.

Pray for the teens’ strength, growth in Christ, and witness. Pray that the Maasai warriors will come to know Jesus.

(Photo of Maasai warrior credit: Operation Change)




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