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Small Steps of Obedience

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed.)

Isaac is a school evangelist. He tells his classmates about the prophets in the Old Testament and about how their prophecies and promises predicted Jesus. He shares the gospel one person at a time, telling one story at a time. And he’s only in the second grade.

In the country where Isaac lives, most people are Muslims. Christians are often persecuted, and even Christian adults are very cautious about sharing their faith. Aaron is a VOM worker who visits the country. He said, “Almost every Christian I talked to spoke in very hushed tones, even inside their home.”

The adults have reason to be cautious. Isaac’s parents, Abraham and Sarah, had to move their family out of a village because Muslim neighbors were destroying their home and threatening them with harm. Abraham has returned to the village for visits. He feels sad when he sees his broken down house and the greenhouse where he raised cucumbers to earn money to support his family.

But Abraham is also joyful, because his family has stayed faithful to God, and his son bravely tells others about Jesus, even when teachers and other Muslim adults are listening. “It’s like my son has no fear,” Abraham told Aaron.

“The Lord was telling me,” said Aaron, ‘Don’t focus on the big. Don’t focus on the large movements or big numbers of people. Focus on how My kingdom is spreading in small steps of obedience, one at a time.’ [I saw that happening] even through a second grader on the playground of the school.”

(Source: Edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)

To Think About
Can you think of one small step you could take to advance God’s kingdom?


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