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Kabaddi, a Game from India

An official game of kabaddi is played on a court which measures 40 x 30 feet or about half the size of a basketball court. You may play your game in a smaller area. Once you have a place to play, divide a group into two teams with an equal number of players on each team. One team sends a “raider” into the territory of the other team on the court. The raider must repeat the word “kabaddi” (kah-buh-dee) over and over as he tags players. His goal is to tag as many players as possible, all in one breath. If he takes a second breath before leaving the court, he is out of the game. If he is able to leave without taking a second breath, anyone he tagged is out.

After the raider’s turn, the teams switch positions. The ones who were out of the game during the first raider’s turn stay out. The game is over when all the players on one team are out. The other team wins.


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