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Kids of Courage Advent Calendar

Advent calendar

*A sheet of foam board about 15 inches by 20 inches
*48 multicolored labels
*Push pins or tacks
*Fine tip marker
*Small photos of children from countries where Christians are persecuted from VOM publications or websites. (Or print and cut out the photos here.)

*Cut off the tops of 24 labels, and glue a photo on each one, labeling them with the names of the countries where the children live, if desired. (Variation: Glue flags of countries where Christians are persecuted on the labels. Find flags in the Countries section of this site.) Let dry.

*Glue the 24 labels to the foam board. (See photo.)

*Number additional labels from 1 to 24. Use tacks or push pins to attach the numbered labels to the foam board on top of the photo labels.

*In some places, persecution of Christians increases during the season when followers of Christ celebrate His birth. Starting on December 1st, pray for the children pictured on the calendar.

Pray that God will protect Christians during the Christmas season.
Pray that non-Christians will learn about Jesus and decide to follow Him.
Ask God to comfort families of Christian prisoners who are separated from their loved ones during this season.

You can find more prayer suggestions here or in downloadable Bold Believers books here.

You can also enter the name of a country in the Search box on this site to find stories and prayer needs for that country.


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