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The William Booth Story

Elise Wixtrom writes reviews of VOM resources for readers of Enter “Elise” in the search box to read about Elise and to find more of her reviews. Read below her review of the Torchlighters DVD, The William Booth Story. Find out more about Torchlighters DVDs here.

In 1861, London was a rough place to live, especially in the East End. The people there fought, stole, and drank, and were often left in poverty for the rest of their lives. Almost no one tried to reach the hungry people there, until one man, a preacher named William Booth moved to London with his wife, Catherine, to begin a street ministry. The Booths began inviting the locals to tent meetings where they shared the gospel. The attendees often threw things at Booth as he was speaking, but he kept preaching anyway.

One day, William Booth stumbled across the East End. Looking around at the sad, hungry, lost people of London’s poorest neighborhood, William Booth decided that he would move his ministry there. Many of his friends tried to tell him that it was useless, and that the East End would never listen to his message, but Booth didn’t care.

At first, the people who came to his tent meetings were rowdy. But eventually they began to come to Christ in large numbers. They stopped getting drunk and fighting, and began to love each other. They started taking care of their families and following the law. However, many pub owners were very angry with Booth for taking their liquor customers away. They planned a riot to stop Booth once and for all.

During this riot, a young boy was injured while defending one of the new believers from a pub owner. Shocked, the rioters slowed to a halt. They finally began to listen to what William Booth was saying, and many more of them came to Christ.

Booth’s work created an environment of gentleness and health in the East End. Their slogan was “War Against Sin”, which eventually led to the ministry being called the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has now spread all over the world, bringing the good news of salvation to every corner of the globe. The Salvation Army, from its humble beginnings as William Booth’s tent ministry, continues his legacy by giving aid and love to thousands of hurting people.

Watch the clip below from the DVD Torchlighters: The William Booth Story.


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