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Thankful in Prison, Part 2

Hassan (second from left) in prison

Pastor Hassan was arrested in 2015 for his Christian work in Sudan. You can read his story here.

Recently, Todd Nettleton of interviewed Pastor Hassan about his time in prison. Most prisoners would have nothing good to say about prison. And the pastor did say it was very hard to be away from his family for so long.

But Pastor Hassan says he is thankful to God for many things that happened to him! In fact, he said, “I considered this as one of the best times in my life…. I truly prayed and came closer to God and experienced the presence of the Lord in a different way.”

Read below some of the prison blessings the pastor remembers.

*He and other Christians in prison encouraged one another.

*Visitors brought joy to his day.

*The government of Sudan had claimed that there were no Christians in their country. Visitors who sang Christian songs outside the courthouse proved the government wrong.

*Pastor Hassan and a Christian prisoner in another cell called memorized Bible verses back and forth to each other.

*After a time, Pastor Hassan was able to get a Bible in the prison.

*Pastor Hassan shared truths from his Bible with other prisoners. He was joyful that God opened a door for him to do prison ministry — from the inside! “There is hunger in the prison,” he said. “The people really want Christ.”

*Pastor Hassan was thankful for the stories in the Bible about God rescuing people from prison. (See Acts 12, Acts 5:17-20, Acts 16:25-28, and Daniel 3.)

Even in prison, Pastor Hassan experienced at least seven blessings. This Thanksgiving, can you name seven blessings for which you are thankful?

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