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Laos: Mee

Girls in Laos

Mee, like Vang in the previous post, grew up in Laos. Her neighbors were Communist Party leaders, and her father was a government sniper whose job was to shoot enemies of the government.

When Mee was 2 years old, her father died. Then when she was 14, she found out that she had thyroid cancer. After fighting the disease for five years, she felt hopeless when the doctors gave her three months to live.

Mee’s sister, who had become a Christian, encouraged Mee to go to church. At church, Mee prayed, “If You are really true, God, heal me, and I will serve you until I die.”

That night, she dreamed about two paths: a dark one and a light one. The dark path scared her. But on the light path she saw a man saying, “Come with me.” She walked toward Him and He touched her head, saying, “I love you like a daughter.”

“I could feel the love of the Father, which I never had before,” she recalled. “I talked to my sister about it. She read the Bible to me and I confessed that I wanted to believe.” At a medical checkup about a month later, Mee was stunned to learn that her cancer had disappeared.

But her struggles were not over. One day, a communist guard in her neighborhood pointed a gun at her forehead and said, “If you continue to be a Christian, I will kill you.”

“You can kill my body but not my spirit,” Mee told him. Surprised, the guard lowered his gun. He told Mee he would continue to watch her. Since that day, the threat of death doesn’t matter to Mee; she knows that without God’s miraculous healing she wouldn’t be alive anyway. Her life is in His hands.

(Source: November 2018 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Edited for length, clarity and age appropriateness.)



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