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Laos: Vang and Mee

Vang and Mee

The previous two posts told the stories of Vang and Mee, youth in Laos who decided to follow Christ. Since then, Vang and Mee got married, and they now have two children of their own.

One day, a stranger approached Mee while she was cooking a meal in her family’s small outdoor kitchen. The man was a government sniper, just like Mee’s father. (See the previous post.)

“I’m very sorry,” the man said. “I tried to shoot your husband two years ago. I shot and missed. Since then, I have been watching your husband do things and help people. He is a good man.”

Then he showed Mee a Bible he had stolen from their village. He said he was ashamed of shooting people, but had found hope in the Bible. “Your God is good,” he told Mee. “I can’t give this book back. I want to keep it. I am very sorry.”

Mee understood that the Holy Spirit was at work in the man’s heart. She prayed with him and told him she forgave him.

Under a new law, all religious activities in Laos must be approved by government offices, and permission is rarely given. “Any time we come together, they can arrest us,” Vang said. “Every time we go out, it could be the last time.

“God says to love others and have no fear,” Vang continued. “Why do we fear other people if we are supposed to love them? You have to have love in your heart and not see others as the enemy. I don’t see the government as the enemy. I don’t see any men as the enemy. I only see people who need love. We need to love them and do good to them like Jesus said. We should pray for them and bless them.”

(Source: November 2018 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Edited for length, clarity and age appropriateness.)