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A President’s Birthday

President Rahmon

Ten Facts About Emomali Rahmon and His Country

1. Emomali Rahmon is the president of Tajikistan. He has been president since 1992.

2. Rahmon’s birthday is on October 5th. This year he will be 66 years old.

3. More than 90 percent of people in Tajikistan are Muslims.

4. The government is afraid of Muslim terrorists. So officials try to control all religions to make sure no violent group gains power.

5. Earlier this year in Tajikistan, terrorists killed two bicyclists from the United States.

6. It is illegal for children under 18 to attend public religious activities in Tajikistan.

7. Most of Tajikistan’s Christians are Russian Orthodox, but there are also Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, and Korean Protestants.

8. If someone wants to print or distribute Christian materials, they have to get permission from the government.

9. Tajik is the language of Tajikistan. To say “thank you” in Tajik, say, “tah-shah-KOOR.”

10. In recent years, athletes from Tajikistan have won Olympic medals in boxing, judo, and wrestling. Soccer is a popular sport.

Pray for the president of Tajikistan on his birthday. Pray that he will rule his country wisely and fairly, and that his government will not prevent anyone from learning about Jesus.

(Sources include: The U.S. State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report and The Voice of the Martyrs’ Global Prayer Guide.)


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