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Faithful Orphans


Eleven-year-old Lilly lives in an orphanage in the former Soviet Union. (The Soviet Union, also called the U.S.S.R., was the world’s most powerful communist country. The Soviet Union broke up into smaller countries in the late 20th century.)

The orphanage is closed during the summer, and the orphans are sent to live at another facility. In the summer of 2017, a VOM contact held a Christian camp for Lilly and other 10 to15-year-old orphans. She gave them children’s Bibles, and the children read the entire Bible in four days! Then they began to study a Bible that was not written just for children.

They wanted to memorize John 3:16, but they were not familiar with how to find the exact verse in a Bible. The VOM contact said, “So they, in order not to be mistaken, learned the whole third chapter….I do not know many adults who study the Bible so thoroughly.”

Lilly and the other orphans even started their own little church that summer. But soon they had to return to the orphanage, far away from where the VOM contact lived. Christians near the orphanage tried to visit and teach the children, but the director of the orphanage hates Christians and would not let them in.

A New Teacher
So Lilly became their teacher! She led other orphans to Christ, and she started a Bible study.

But not all the orphans listened to Lilly. “They all know who the Christian children are,” said the VOM contact. “The believing children do not watch TV shows about witches, and they don’t fight or swear. The other children constantly laugh at them and bully them. It is difficult for them to follow Christ in those circumstances, but they remain faithful.”

The VOM contact visited the orphans several months later. She was thankful that Lilly had helped the children grow in their faith. “I am delighted by God who worked through a little girl!” she said.

(Source: VOM sources. Edited and paraphrased from the original for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)

To Talk About
*What can you pray for Lilly and the orphans?
*What can you pray for the director of the orphanage?
*All the orphans know which children are followers of Jesus. Would someone know that you are a Christian if you didn’t tell them?


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