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Changes in China

Sunday school class in China

(Sources: China Aid and Quotes edited for clarity and length.)

Churches in part of China were recently warned by authorities who want greater control over religion in their country.

The churches were told:
*You must remove the crosses at your building and replace them with a picture of the president of China or a Chinese flag.

*You must keep all children away from your church.

New government rules also say that churches must be willing to install surveillance cameras in their meeting places.

“Many pastors have gone into hiding because they know they are on the list to be the first to be arrested,” said a Christian worker in China. “Pastors are being arrested, some have been imprisoned, and churches have been closed…. In January [a church] was dynamited — the government blew it up.

“It is illegal to teach children Christianity. In one case, there was a grandmother who had been taking her grandson to church with her. The government told this family that the grandmother, who was on kidney dialysis, would no longer be allowed to continue the dialysis treatments if she continued to bring her grandson to church. So, what a choice!” (Dialysis is a procedure that keeps people alive whose kidneys have failed.)

“Christians are worried,” said a VOM worker. “We have no good answer except prayer.”

What Can You Pray?
*What can you pray for churches and pastors?
*What can you pray for Chinese government officials?
*What can you pray for the grandmother?
*What can you pray for her grandson and other children in China?


2 Responses to Changes in China

  1. We are a Homeschooling family in Maine. Right now we are studying China so this title stuck out to me. I want my kids to understand what goes in the world outside of our pretty safe, little bubble. But tallking isn’t enough. It’s showing them the pictures. Watching the videos. I just read this page to them and signed our family up for the newsletter. We are going to be praying for this Grandmother and family.

    Is there any update to the story?

    As Christmas approaches the kids and I are talking about what gifts can be given up and the money used to support VOM.

    I (mom) used to get the newsletters a long time ago but over time life got busy and I stopped reading them. I lost my passion for missions and forgot….the Lord is rekindling that passion.

    I want to share that with my kids. I want their hearts to be open to God’s calling. Right now we can pray and support. Maybe someday they will be called to GO.

    • Hi Amy,

      We have received an update from our China contact about the grandmother.
      He said, “The Chinese government has apparently backed down from this threat and the grandmother is still getting her treatments.”
      Thank you for your prayers!
      Kids of Courage


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