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Petr’s Denial


Not Yet Bold
Petr Jasek grew up as the son of a pastor in Communist Czechoslovakia. (Czechoslovakia is no longer a country today. In 1993, it split into two countries: the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Communist governments may forbid or strongly discourage belief in God. Learn more here.)

Petr’s father gave him a book about persecuted Christians, and Petr thought it was a very important book. But the book didn’t make Petr bold in his faith. He was even afraid to tell his classmates that his father was a pastor. Instead, Petr told them his father was a beekeeper.

Then when he read the story of the disciple Peter denying Christ, and he felt guilty. (See John 18:15-27.)

Petr became a committed Christian when he was 15. He often asked God to give him a second chance to stand up for Jesus in public. Later, God gave him that chance.

A Bold Witness
Young people were required to join the army, where officers assumed all the soldiers were atheists. After Petr joined, an officer asked a group of 300 soldiers, “Is there anyone who still believes in God?”

God strengthened Petr to raise his hand, even though no one else did. Since then, Petr has witnessed for Christ all over the world. In 2015, Petr was arrested in Sudan because of his work in that country for The Voice of the Martyrs. Even in prison, he continued to boldly proclaim the truth about Jesus. He was released after 445 days. You can read his story here and here.

Please pray for Christians who are persecuted and imprisoned in Sudan.

(Source: The September 2018 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine)

To Think About
*Why was Petr afraid to say his father was a pastor?
*Is there anywhere where you would be uncomfortable telling people that you are a follower of Jesus?