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Smiles and Sunshine

“If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.”

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand endured suffering and sadness in his life. He spent 14 years in Romanian prisons for his faith, where he witnessed and experienced cruel and harsh treatment. But Pastor Wurmbrand trusted God and looked for ways to share God’s love with others. He told the following story in a devotional book he wrote.

At a party at my house, some Christians were talking about their friends. They considered some of their friends to be “good believers.” They called other friends “weak.” And they said some of their friends were “unbelievers.”

An old missionary from India said to them: “Don’t put people in categories. Our judgments might be wrong. Instead, whenever we speak, let us better spread the love of Christ.

“When we spread the love of Christ:
It will gladden the strong believer.
It will strengthen the weak believer.
And it will bring the unbeliever to Jesus.

“So we will have done something good.”

Pastor Wurmbrand explained, “Spread sunshine among others instead of judging how much sunshine they have in their lives.”

(Source: Reaching Toward the Heights, by Richard Wurmbrand, edited for length, clarity, and age appropriateness.)


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