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Pastor Released!

Mu’en, Xiangen, and their mother

Mu’en and Xiangen were 14 and 5 when their father, Yang Hua, was in prison.

Yang Hua is a pastor in China. His church, The Living Stone Church, started with about 20 members in 2009. By 2015, more than 700 people attended the church.

Government workers have given the church a hard time since it opened. Once they even cut off the church’s water and electricity during Christmas services.

Later they arrested Yang Hua and put him in prison. Mu’en, Xiangen, and their mother prayed for Him while he was gone. The Voice of the Martyrs told Yang Hua’s story on the website, and Christians in the United States wrote him encouraging letters and prayed for him, too.

Last month, praise God, Yang Hua was released! What do you think he did when he first left the prison? He began singing loud songs of praise to God.

You can learn more about Yang Hua and other released prisoners, and Christians still in prison, at Can you choose one prisoner on the site who has not yet been released and join Christians around the world in praying for them?



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