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Becoming a Missionary: Next Steps

Recently Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio interviewed Scott Brawner, a Christian who has prepared students to be mature followers of Christ. Read below some of Scott’s thoughts about American Christian youth today, and his advice for those called to become missionaries.

“It was breaking my heart,” Scott said, “to see how many kids come forward at an event, come to camp or retreat, raise their hands and accept Jesus — then the next Sunday, even the FBI couldn’t find those kids. They need to consider what it means to be obedient as a follower of Christ as an adult.”

Todd asked Scott to offer some advice about the next steps a young person should take if God has called them to mission work overseas.

“I would start by saying, ‘You will never go anywhere if you don’t have a passport,’” said Scott. “I want you to go online or to the post office, get an application for a passport, fill it out, sent it in, and start the process.

“Once you receive that passport, I challenge every young person to take that passport, and go to the altar and pray over that passport. Say, ‘Lord Jesus, here am I. Send me.’ Say, ‘Lord Jesus, this is not my piece of paper, this is yours.’

“Then find an accountability net. Talk to a missions pastor, or a youth pastor, or a senior pastor. Let them know of your desire to go. Ask them what is available through your church or denomination, or other relationship that your church already has.

“From there, I would recommend as you prepare to go, find a ministry that is either doing mentoring or equipping students to go to the field.

If you want to hear Scott and Todd’s entire interview, enter “Brawner” in the search box at

(Source: Edited for length and clarity.)

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