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Eritrea: Afewerki

Afewerki and his children

Afewerki and his wife, Fkadu were raising their four children to love and follow Jesus. But the government of their country, Eritrea, approves only four religious groups: Islam (the religion of Muslims), Catholic, Lutheran, and Orthodox Christian. Christians in other groups are persecuted.

Because of their Christian activities, Fkadu was arrested last year in May. Two months later, Afewerki also went to prison.

The prisoners had only muddy river water to drink, and little food. And it was very hot.

[One Eritrean prisoner said temperatures at the prison were “above 48 degrees Centigrade.” To change Centigrade temperature to the Fahrenheit scale used in the United States, first multiply the Centigrade temperature by 9/5. 48 times 9/5 equals 86 2/5 or 86.4. Now add 32 to the answer to get the Fahrenheit temperature. How hot was the temperature in the prison?]

Sadly, Fkadu grew ill and was taken from the prison in an ambulance. Three months later, when Afewerki was released from the prison, he learned that his wife had died.

“I cried and cried,” he said. “But I am happy that my wife was a hero Christian, that she died for Christ.

Read the next post to find out what happened to Afewerki and his children.

(Source: The August 2018 VOM newsletter)



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