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The Unselfish Girl

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, told the following story.

A little girl was on her way to school in Italy. Her mother walked beside her to see that she got to school safely. The girl had her lunch in her book bag. She and her mother decided to stop at a church for a short time of prayer.

Someone else stopped at the church, too. His name was Furbelone, and he had evil plans on his mind.

Furbelone was the leader of a group of criminals. He and his group were getting ready to rob a bank. Two of his followers were dressed in fake police uniforms so no one would know they were criminals. They stood outside the bank. Two other members of the group were going to take money from the bank teller. A getaway car waited in front of the bank.

Furbelone was dressed as a homeless beggar. His job was to sit on the church steps and give the other criminals secret signals. The signals would tell them when it was safe to start the robbery. No one would notice a poor beggar, he thought.

But the little girl noticed. She felt sorry for the man she thought was a beggar. So she took her lunch out of the bag. She tore off part of her sandwich to keep for her lunch. She smiled at Furbelone and gave him the rest of the sandwich.

At first Furbelone was angry. The girl was interrupting his plans! But then he had a thought. Here was a human being who looked at him with love. The girl thought he was important enough to give him her food. She probably thought he was honest, too.

So Furbelone decided to BE honest. He took the sandwich and walked into the church beside the girl and her mother. He never gave the signal for the robbery to start. His criminal life was over.

The girl thought she was just sharing her lunch. Instead, she stopped a robbery and led a man to learn more about Jesus.

(Source: Kids of Courage archives. Edited from the original source for clarity.)

To Think About
What do you think happened to Furbelone’s criminal friends? Do you think they were happy when he ruined their evil plans to get money? Maybe he kept them from going to jail. But they might not have appreciated that right away. They probably didn’t expect to get caught for their crime. Maybe some of them decided to seek Jesus, too!


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