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Grace: Putting Everything in God’s Hands

Grace and her dad at VOM’s Martyrs’ Wall

The previous post told about Grace, the daughter of a VOM worker who travels to countries where Christians are persecuted. Grace’s dad has also been persecuted in one of the countries he visits.

Read below Grace’s advice for kids who face struggles in life.

Created for a Purpose
I would like to tell kids who are reading this that whatever is happening — school drama, family issues, anything — God knew it was going to happen. I experience days when I don’t want to think about anything but what I’m going through. As good as that may feel at the moment, it’s not exactly a step in the right direction.

The only way to make the situation any better is by putting it all in God’s hands. I often start my day with a simple prayer that includes me just admitting that I am powerless, and I need God every moment throughout my whole day. I place every problem, every conversation, every blessing, every hurtful word, completely in God’s hands. Now that you [know] this, I encourage you to say a simple prayer when you feel upset, angry, or even blessed. And I bet that eventually you will start affecting people around you!

Two of my favorite quotes:
1. “When you put everything in God’s hands, soon you’ll see God’s hands in everything.”
2. “Either be a thermometer or a thermostat.” This means that either you adjust to the mood around you or you adjust the mood around you. People will notice when your “vibe” is positive, even when the day might not be exactly ideal.

May you truly believe that God has something amazing planned for you, and that you were created for a purpose!

God bless you all.

If you would like to send a message or comment to Grace, click on “Contact Us” at the very bottom of this page. Your message will be forwarded to her.


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