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Comparing Violent Muslim Extremist and Christian Views on Martyrdom

Muslim Extremist Views
Christian Views
Becoming a martyr Muslim extremists believe that the highest goal is to die while defending Islam and while helping the progress of their religion. A Christian martyr chooses to suffer death rather than to deny Christ and His work. Christian martyrs die while loving others, including enemies. (See John 15:3 and 1 John 3:16.)
Rewards of martyrdom Muslims believe martyrs go to heaven where they enjoy pleasures like people enjoy on earth (Quran 2:154). Otherwise, Muslims believe they can earn their way to heaven by doing enough good deeds. But no one knows how many are “enough.” Christians believe that people are saved by the grace of God through faith in Christ, whether they are martyrs or not. They will not need earthly pleasures in heaven; they will no longer be hungry and thirsty (Revelation 7:16). Martyrs for Christ will receive honor in heaven (Revelation 2,3).
Seeking martyrdom Some Muslims say that Islam forbids suicide. Muslim extremist “suicide bombers” seek to die for their cause and for their own rewards in heaven. True Christian martyrs do not seek death for their own honor. They accept death when it is required to glorify God. (See John 21:1).
Love “You love life; we love death.”—al Qaida terrorist and other Muslim extremists. “Christians do not love death. They love Christ. If He bids them come and die; they count it an honor to suffer and die for the sake of the name. (Acts 5:41).”—John Piper
(Sources include: Spirit of Martyrdom Ministries)