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Update: Prayers for Turkish Children Answered

Turkish girl

A post on this site last year told about Turkish children at a school where most of the students were Muslims. The Muslim students and teachers mocked the children and their beliefs.

The family enrolled the children in a different school, but the problems continued. The children’s father had three prayer requests:

*Pray that our children will show the love of Jesus in a place where He is not known.
*Pray that we will teach our children to be lights in the darkness.
*Pray that we will be good examples for our children.

The Voice of the Martyrs recently heard from the family again. Some children at the school had been misbehaving, but the children from the Christian family continued to be “lights in the darkness.”

Others noticed their behavior and complimented the parents for teaching their children well. The parents were “good examples” for their children.

Some Muslims began to ask the family questions about the Bible and Christianity. The family is now sharing “the love of Jesus in a place where He is not known.”

Thank you to the readers who prayed for the Turkish Christian family.