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World Missions Camporee

Learning about North Korea

Earlier this year, a troop of American Heritage Girls from Frisco, Texas, participated in a camporee with other girls from northeast Texas. American Heritage Girls is a Christian scouting-type group, and the focus of the camporee was world missions.

The Frisco troop set up a North Korea booth, and members spoke about North Korea to more than 50 girls ages 9 to 12. The girls used information from The Voice of the Martyrs magazines and Kids of Courage resources to prepare their presentations.

“I learned that Christians in North Korea need to have much strength and courage to spread the Word,” said Wren, age 15, who was one of the presenters. “Some of the girls we were teaching had no idea about the things we were teaching them, so it felt good to get them informed.”

“What a huge blessing it was to speak about North Korea to girls who had absolutely no idea what life [in North Korea] is like for Christians and non-Christians alike,” said Emily, an adult leader. “Many of their eyes were opened to the importance of praying for persecuted Christians and those who have not yet heard the gospel.”

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