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Comparing the Ancient Mayan Religion and Biblical Christianity

Ancient Mayan Religion
Biblical Christianity
Who are they? The Mayan people of southern Mexico and Central America followed the Mayan religion. Today some “traditionalists” combine Catholic customs with some of the practices of the Mayan religion. Christians are followers of Christ and of the teachings in the Bible.
God Mayans believed in one supreme creator god. They also believed that many other god-like spirits live in nature. Mayans tried to please the spirits. Christians believe in one God who has revealed Himself as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
Time Mayans had a complicated calendar. A “daykeeper” advised people about what days were lucky to get married, what to name their babies, etc. The Bible does not speak well of those who depend on astrology and other ungodly practices. (See Isaiah 47:12–15, Daniel 1:20.)
The end of the world The Mayan calendar ended in the year 2012. Some people believed that 2012 would be the end of the world. But scholars say Mayans did not really teach that belief, and that the Mayan calendar would start over at zero after 2012. Christians believe that Jesus will return at some point in the future. But He said that we do not know when (Matthew 25:13). The Bible tells us to be ready all the time (Matthew 25:1–13).
Sacrifice Historians now believe that ancient Mayans “sacrificed” (killed) people to please the spirits they honored. Christians believe that Jesus gave His life for us so that those who believe in Him can have a personal relationship with God forever (John 3:16). No one but Christ is sinless enough to please God. That is why He is the perfect sacrifice for our sins.