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Father’s Day Prayer Reminder

In countries where the government tries to limit the spread of the gospel, bold Christians may be arrested for telling non-Christians about Jesus. This week, remember to pray for Christian fathers who are in prison for their faith and for their families who miss them.

Cut out photos of fathers from The Voice of the Martyrs publications, or print photos of Christian prisoners from Use the photos to make reminders to pray for Christian families who are separated because of their devotion to Christ.

Instructions for a spool prayer reminder are below.

*Photos of Christian fathers or children (See above.)
*Round wooden dowels and small wooden craft spools (Make sure the dowels will fit well into the spools’ holes.)
*Decorative craft paper
*Acrylic paint; paint brush
*Glue and scissors
*Ribbon or twine

*Cut or break the dowels into 4-inch pieces. Paint the dowel pieces if desired.
*Paint the tops and bottoms of the spools. Let the spools and dowels dry.
*Cut the decorative craft paper to fit the middle part of the spools, and glue it on.
*Cut additional decorative paper into squares to make a frame for each photo of a Christian child or father. Make a label that tells the Christian’s country, and glue it and the photo to the paper frame.
*Glue or tape the framed photo to the top part of a dowel.
*Put glue on about an inch of the dowel, and insert it into a spool. Cover one side of a small piece of decorative paper with glue, and stick it to the bottom of the spool. Stick the dowel to the paper to help it stay in place.
*Add twine or ribbon to the dowel to make a bow.
*Put the prayer reminders on your family’s dining table or in another place where you will see them, and pray for the Christians in the photos.


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