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Kurdish Boy Changed by Special Book

Parents and Teachers
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Nemrut loved to read. He was always looking for something new to read. However, in his town in Iraq, there were not many books written in his language.

Nemrut spoke Kurdish. Many Kurds would like a homeland of their own. But for now, Kurds live in parts of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

Like most Kurds, Nemrut was a Muslim. One day, when he was 17, he found a copy of the Book of Luke in a bookstore. It was written in Kurdish! Nemrut had never seen a Kurdish Bible. Naturally, Nemrut wanted to buy the book and read it. But the store owner would not sell it, because it was his only copy. So Nemrut made a deal with him. He paid the owner a lending fee, and he borrowed the book.

Nemrut read the new book until 4 the next morning. “This was the beginning of loving Jesus,” he said.

Staying Faithful
Nemrut did not know a single Christian. He also didn’t know that it is possible for him to become a Christian. He thought Muslims could not change their religion.

At one point, he decided he should get more serious about being a Muslim. He read the Quran (the Muslim holy book) three times in one year. But the teachings did not seem right to him — unlike the teachings he had read in the Book of Luke.

[Find a chart comparing the Bible and the Quran here.]

Finally, several years ago, Nemrut met a Christian who told him that anyone who trusts in Jesus as their Savior is a Christian. Since that time, Nemrut has shared his faith with many people. He has pastored a church and has even smuggled Bibles into another Muslim country. He and other new Christians have been attacked and persecuted for their faith.

Nemrut has stayed faithful to the Lord, who he first encountered in a small book in Iraq.

To Think About
*If someone asked you how they could become a Christian, what would you tell them? With another Christian, take turns practicing what you would say.

*The Book of Luke changed Nemrut’s life. How well do you know the Book of Luke? Start reading Luke, stopping to write down anything you read that you don’t remember hearing or reading before. How far did you get before you wrote three things?



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