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Bible Smuggler Gets Caught

Hand-copying Scripture

(From the Kids of Courage archives)

The following report comes from a Bible smuggler who took Bibles into a country in Asia.

“At the start of my fifth trip to cross into [a country in Asia], I felt God told me that I could be caught (busted) on this trip. All the way to the border, it kept coming to me that I would be busted. Well, as I crossed into [the country], guess what, I was busted.

“As I sat in customs, I handed out tracts [in the local language]. One young man sat behind me and…I handed him a tract. He read the cover, and then he started crying, sobbing in fact.

“After a while, he stopped and went up to talk with the customs guard….He walked back to me, smiled, shook my hand, and walked out of customs.

“God not only gave me a head’s up about being caught, but He allowed me to see why I was caught. I was told if you get caught, it’s because God wants you caught. This was good for me to see, because I was later busted in another country.”

Bible smuggler at work in Asia

(Source: Vision Beyond Borders)

To Talk About
The smuggler said God allowed him to see why he was caught. What did he mean by that? What happened when he was caught that might not have happened if he had not been caught? Why do you suppose the man might have cried when he read the Christian tract?

Hebrews 11 tells about heroes of our faith. Hebrews 11:39 shows that they might not have understood what was happening to them at the time it happened. Do you think there are times when bad things happen and we do not understand the reason for it?

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