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Two Requests

When workers from The Voice of the Martyrs visit persecuted Christians in other countries, the Christians have two main requests.

*Please pray for us!
*Please send Bibles!

Christians and those who are seeking the truth often wait years to own a copy of the Bible. After they get a Bible, they may have to keep it a secret so non-Christians don’t take the Bible away or persecute the Christians. But they still continue to request Bibles.

When you picture in your mind Christians delivering Bibles to people in other nations, what does the picture look like? In your imagination, how do the Bibles get from the hands of VOM contacts into the hands of those who need them?

The photo above shows part of the difficult journey for one group of VOM contacts in Vietnam. And the people who receive the Bibles sometimes have to walk for hours to get them. But those who deliver the Bibles and those who receive them know that their struggles are worth it. They understand that learning God’s Word is vital to their lives as Christians.


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