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Stuck in a Barn

Todd Nettleton of has interviewed Dale Rhoton from the mission organization Operation Mobilization on several occasions. During one interview, Rhoton told a story about smuggling Bibles in secret compartments in his van. He and the other Christians with him were taking the Bibles into a country where distributing Bibles was against the law.

“We were always looking for secret places where we could unload our vehicles — where the police wouldn’t stumble upon us and find out what we were doing,” said Rhoton. “One of the best locations is a farm way out in the middle of nowhere.”

The smugglers found such a place on a farm owned by Christians. They drove into the barn and unloaded all the Bibles from the secret compartments in the van. Then it was time to drive back out of the barn.

“We couldn’t do it,” said Rhoton. “We had unloaded hundreds of Bibles, so the van set much higher than it did before.” It wouldn’t fit through the barn door.

“We needed to do something. How in the world were we going to get the van out without putting the Bibles back in?” said Rhoton.

[Middle-of-the-story question. What would you do?]

The smugglers went into the farmhouse and told the family, “Before we drive off, we would like for all of us to get together for a time of prayer in the van.”

“Grandmother is not that well,” said a family member. It would be difficult for her to get into the van.”

But the smugglers needed everyone in the van to replace the weight of the Bibles. A smuggler said, “We have a couple of men who can help her.”

The family saw that the smugglers really wanted the grandmother, too. So everyone joined them in the van to pray. As they prayed, the driver backed the van out of the barn.

(Source: Edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)


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