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Kyrgyzstan: Bible Survives Firebombing

Kyrgyzstani yurt

“Most Christians [in Kyrgyzstan] are unable to lead ordinary lives. They can be arrested for reading the Bible in a public place like a bus or train, or for telling other people about Jesus. Often the homes of local believers can be searched and their belongings confiscated by the police. Everyday Christian activities, such as praying together or doing a Bible study, can be deemed ‘illegal.’” — Release International

Earlier this year, radical Muslims firebombed a church in Kyrgyzstan. The fire damaged much of the church. It destroyed the pews and burned the altar and the cloth on top of the altar.

But the fire stopped when it reached the open Bible on top of the altar.

The Christians were encouraged when their Bible was amazingly spared from the flames. They continue to stand firm in their faith, and they plan to keep meeting at the same location after their church is repaired.

(Source: Release International)

To Do
Find Kyrgyzstan on a map or globe. Pray for protection for the Christians there.


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