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Myanmar (Burma): Nine Truckloads of Rocks

A Christian from Myanmar (Burma) told VOM workers what happened after two girls in his country gave their lives to Christ.

Read his story below.

Two sisters learned about Jesus and they joyfully accepted Him as their Lord and Savior. Then they eagerly shared the gospel with their brothers, other sisters, and parents. After a few months, the whole family became Christians and were baptized!

The Buddhist leaders in the town were not happy. One leader told them, “If you don’t give up following Jesus, we can’t protect you, and your life may be in danger.” The girls’ father replied, “Jesus gave His life for us. We will follow Him whatever the cost.”

Later that day, after the family returned home, a large truck pulled up and dumped a load of big rocks in front of their house. Four times the truck drove away and came back with another load of rocks. Then the driver brought four loads of rocks to the back of the house.

The family didn’t know what was happening. The next day, as they sang quietly and prayed together, a mob of about 200 people came to their home and begin throwing the big rocks at the house. The children lay on the floor, and the parents covered them with their own bodies. The mob threw rocks for about four hours, and the house was destroyed.

The attackers listened closely, but they heard no sound from under the rubble. “Everyone must be dead,” they thought. Then they gathered firewood and gasoline to burn the remains of the house. But neighbors stopped the plan — they were afraid the fire would spread to their houses.

A policeman and the family’s pastor heard what had happened and came to the place where the house had stood. They found everyone in the family alive! God had protected them! But the parents were seriously injured.

The family and several of their relatives now live in their church. The Voice of the Martyrs is providing food and other necessities for them. They are grateful for the help and encouragement they have received.

(Source: Edited and paraphrased for clarity, length, and age appropriateness.)

To Think About
*Set a timer or alarm for a four-hour period. After the time has passed, think about the family that was inside for that length of time while rocks were hitting their house. Pray for strength for Christians who are being persecuted right now for their faith.

*Why did the girls’ father say he would not deny Jesus?

*What do you think the people in the mob thought when the Christians were found alive?

In the next post, read what two of the children who were inside the house said about the attack.



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