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Egypt: Bold and Faithful Under Fire

Egyptian Christian family

Christians in Egypt were in danger. A radical Muslim group had gained power in their country. In 2012, newly elected Muslim officials directed attacks in Christian neighborhoods. Tanks rolled through the streets. Christians knew their lives were at risk.

What do you suppose the Christians did?

“We thought we would be wiped out,” said one Egyptian Christian leader. “So we decided to take advantage of whatever opportunities we had left to spread the gospel.”

Cole Richards, The Voice of the Martyrs’ president said, “Many of our Egyptian brothers and sisters did not seek protection for themselves and their possessions.” Instead, they focused their energy on telling people the truth about Jesus — even though it might have been the last time they had a conversation with anyone on earth.

“Join me in praising and thanking God for our bold and faithful Egyptian Christian family members, and please continue to pray for them,” said Mr. Richards.

(Source: The March 2018 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine)



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