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Foster Child’s Faith Becomes Real, Part 2

The previous post told the story of Mary, a homeless child who found help from a kind Christian family. Read the post, then read more about Mary below.

When you read Mary’s story in the previous post, did you wonder where she lived? It may surprise you to learn that Mary came from North Korea.

She secretly escaped from North Korea because there was never enough food to eat. Many children did not go to school because they were too hungry to learn. She sneaked past North Korean guards to enter China, where her foster family lived. Christians in China can be arrested for helping North Koreans, so her foster family had to be careful.

After Mary left her foster family, she began to draw closer to God. She wanted to encourage secret Christians still living in North Korea. Mary got a job with The Voice of the Martyrs-Korea in South Korea. She helped broadcast Christian radio messages into North Korea. Mary said, “I am blessed by God with the life I now have, and I want to serve Him forever with a thankful heart.”

(Source: VOM-Australia. Edited for length and clarity.)

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