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Fax Blasts and a Brave Daughter

Fax: An image of a document transmitted by a telephone line. Fax machines are used less often today because advances in technology have improved other methods of sending documents.

Dr. Eric Foley, the president of VOM-Korea, told the following story about a creative way that Christians found to send the gospel message into North Korea.

Dr. Foley: Underground Christians in North Korea gathered more than 650 fax numbers of North Korean officials, hotels, government offices, and others. They sent those to us. Christian North Korean students living in South Korea wrote out gospel testimonies and Scripture every week. We would blast fax all those faxes inside North Korea, and we would change the fax number every week. It drove the North Koreans crazy.

You know, there are certain things the North Koreans hate. They hate radio, they hate Scripture balloons, and they really hated the faxes. So they responded with a fax to an embassy in Europe, but it was really to us. It said, “We know you dirty people. We know who you are, and it will not go well for you if you continue.” I remember sitting down with our kids, and saying, “What do you think about this situation? We don’t want to put you guys in danger.” Our daughter said, “Dad, that is what being a Christian is.” She was 13 at the time.

Fear is an entirely understandable reaction to North Korea, but I would challenge all Christians that any time they feel a fear related to news from North Korea that they would stop themselves and say, “Instead of being afraid, I want to intercede for the people of North Korea.”

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Source: Edited for length, age-appropriateness, and clarity.