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Korean children enjoy a game similar to hacky sack called jaegi (JAY-ghee). Koreans often use a homemade shuttlecock to play jaegi. A shuttlecock is a small ball or metal ring with something like feathers attached.

To make a jaegi, use a metal plumbing washer about 1 inch in diameter and a 10- to 12-inch square of tissue paper. (Or, make a “washer” by drawing a 1-inch circle on cardboard with a compass. Cut out the circle, then punch a hole in the center with a hole puncher or pencil.)

1. Put the washer along the edge of the tissue paper, centered within the side. (See photos for illustrations of the directions.)
2. Fold a 1-inch strip of the paper over the washer so it is tucked inside the paper.

3. Continue folding the paper in the same direction 1 inch at a time until the paper is fully folded with the washer inside.
4. Poke a pencil through the folded-up paper and through the washer hole.

5. Squeeze one end of the folded tissue paper tightly together and stick it into the hole, pulling it through as far as it will go.

6. Squeeze the other end of the tissue paper and stuff it through the hole, pulling it tightly.

7. To make the paper look like feathers, cut each of the two strips lengthwise twice with scissors and fluff the paper “feathers”.

Follow the instructions below to play the game.

Needed: Bean bags, hacky sacks, or homemade shuttlecocks

Instructions: Divide players into teams of four or five. Have the players on each team take turns seeing how many times they can kick the jaegi gently in the air without dropping it. Each player can take four or five tries. Kicking it even three times is very good for beginners! Add the best scores of each player on each team. The team with the highest total score wins.

(Source: Bold Believers in North Korea, available in the Downloads section of this site)