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North Korea: Words of Life in Prison

North Korean homes

Kyung-Ja and her family were often hungry. So Kyung-Ja left her home in North Korea several times and crossed the border into China to look for food. North Korea is a poor country, and many North Koreans take short trips to China to find food. But their trips are illegal.

Twice when Kyung-Ja returned to North Korea, she was arrested and put in prison for a few months. After the third time she was caught, the prison guards treated her more harshly than she had ever been treated before.

The guards thought Kyung-Ja might be a Christian. But Kyung-Ja did not even know there was a God who created the world and sent His Son to save the world from sin. A rough, rude guard hit Kyung-Ja and kept asking her about God, Jesus, and the Bible. But Kyung-Ja had no answers. Finally the guard sent her to a prison labor camp. She took her questions about Christianity with her.

“What is God?” she asked another prisoner in the camp. “What is the Bible?”

“There is such a thing,” the prisoner whispered. “And there is a book. But do not ask. Shhh!”

After six months, Kyung-Ja was set free. She escaped from North Korea and now lives in South Korea. The Bible says, “Seek, and you will find” (Matthew 7:7). Kyung-Ja kept seeking the truth about Christianity, and she found out about Jesus and gave her life to Him. Her love for Him grows stronger every day. She is grateful that she learned the truth, even though she first heard about God from a guard who hated her.

“As I look back,” she said, “it is all God’s grace.”

(Source: The February 2018 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine)

To Talk About
*What is one reason many North Koreans travel to China?
*From whom did Kyung-Ja first hear about God and Jesus?
*Where does Kyung-Ja live now?


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