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Papel Picado

Paper cutout banners, called papel picado, are used in Mexico as decorations at Christmas and other celebrations.

To make a mini-banner, stack four 6-inch square pieces of colored tissue paper. Fold the stack once lengthwise, then once widthwise.

The folded squares will have two sides with folds in them and two sides without. Cut shapes out of the sides. (See the photo.) Leave one of the sides without a fold uncut. Avoid cutting within one inch of the uncut side.

Unfold and separate the squares carefully. Fold a half-inch strip at the top of each piece. Run a string or thick thread through the folded strip of all four pieces. Tape the strip down, leaving an inch of space between the pieces.

To learn about courageous Christians in Chiapas, a part of Mexico, see Bold Believers in Chiapas, available in the Downloads section.


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